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PTSI makes it our business to know our customers, understand
their business, and find the solution to their needs.


PTSI is capable of providing high quality services to companies operating within and outside of Ohio. Preferred Temporary Services, Inc. makes it our business to know our customers! We understand the businesses they operate, and find the most effective solutions to their needs. PTSI proudly offers its services to those in Stark County, Summit County, Tuscarawas County, and the surrounding communities. PTSI also has experience in and the ability to handle out of state clients as well. Some of the services we offer include:

Assistance with Costs Associated with Employment

As a locally owned and operated business, PTSI understands that there a many details that go on behind the scenes of any company. A business is often required to operate according to state and federal legislation and tax regulations. Calculating and processing such taxes can be not only time consuming, but confusing. It’s an area where mistakes can cost a business big bucks. So why entrust such an important task to an already busy, inexperienced, company employee? Allow Preferred Temporary Services, Inc. to handle these required costs associated with employment. We are proficient at managing any company’s:

Payroll Staffing & Services

A true blessing to small businesses is our payroll staffing service. There are only so many hours in a day so it can be difficult for a company with only a few employees to find the time to allocate to doing payroll in between providing services for customers and running other aspects of the business. That’s where PTSI steps in. Let Preferred Temporary Services, Inc. handle the payroll aspect of operations while you concentrate on doing what you do best, running your business.

Ancillary Services

The hiring process can be a long and complicated road, full of information and documentation. Often times an employer will need to obtain detailed reports and history concerning their potential hires. But, many employers do not have the time to diligently and efficiently handle such tasks alongside their already hectic schedules. Fortunately, PTSI has the networking, knowledge, and ability to quickly retrieve cost effective and vital information for any company’s hiring needs. PTSI provides a number of ancillary services including:

Staffing & Employee Placement Services

Any time a company decides to take on another staff member or hire a new employee it begins a long and tedious process. There’s just so much involved including getting the word out that the company is looking for help, taking applications, narrowing down the candidates, conducting interviews and making the final hiring decision. Whether the employment is temporary or permanent, Preferred Temporary Services, Inc. can find and recruit the valued employee your business has been searching for. We provide staffing and employee placement services such as:

If you operate a business and are searching for a particular services, but do not see it listed on our website, feel free to contact PTSI. While professionalism is key in any industry, sometimes it takes the personalized approach that only PTSI can provide to find the most appropriate solution to an employer’s needs.

PTSI can assist in placement in the following industries:

If you are seeking employment or searching for a job opportunity, please contact our office for more details on the positions that we currently have available.

Applications are taken at our office from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Manufacturing – The U.S. Census Bureau defines manufacturing jobs as those that make products from raw materials or other components. Manufacturing jobs exist in a variety of businesses like the industries of textiles, food & beverage, printing, plastic & rubber, computers & electronics, appliances, and automotive. Normally, these jobs take place in the setting of a factory, plant, or mill.

Examples of Common Manufacturing Jobs include:

Administrative – Administrative jobs normally assist in day to day activities and operations of a business such as office and clerical work. But, administrative jobs can also include more specialized sectors of a business such as human resources, accounting, and managerial tasks.

Examples of Administrative Jobs include:

Technical – Technical work requires a good deal of expertise in a field, and as our technology in today’s world continues to advance, the employment opportunity for qualified individuals only continues to grow. A technical worker may find employment in a number of fields, all which have some technical work at their core, such as working at a medical facility, as well as different types of engineering and technology based businesses.

Examples of Technical Jobs include:

Skilled Trades – Jobs performed by individuals who are experienced and have been trained in a particular field or trade are known as skilled trade jobs. Those who are considered to have a skilled trade are often licensed, or qualified in some aspect because of their advanced knowledge and skill in that particular field.

Examples of Skilled Trade Jobs include:

Direct & Temporary Hires – Businesses whom only need a worker for a limited period of time may use PTSI to select candidates to fill these Temporary Hire positions. Seasonal or holiday work are common examples of Temporary Hire situations. On the other hand, a company may want to find an employee that they can hire directly, and put on their company’s payroll, instead of the employee being considered an employee of the staffing agency. When a Direct Hire occurs, the client company uses PTSI to find the appropriate employee for them. Direct Hire opportunities are not limited to a specific industry or type of work.

Areas Served

Because Preferred Temporary Services, Inc. is located in Canton, Ohio, we serve a large number of clients in Stark County and its local communities.

PTSI also provides services to those located in Summit County, Tuscarawas County, and the surrounding areas. PTSI is no stranger to out of state clients either. We are capable of providing high quality services to companies operating outside of Ohio.

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